Working at RSM

How we work and where we work has changed. We’re embracing the future together, with flexible working. 
We believe that doing the right work, in the right place, at the right time is what’s best for our clients and our people. 

Agile working roles are a new modern standard, and they have become a core part of how we operate. We trust and empower our people to find the right balance of client and team work and focused, flexible home working. 

Our people are free to tailor their working environments to meet the needs of their clients, their working week and their personal development demands.

Client needs can vary in different service lines and at different times of the year, so we adapt working arrangements to ensure we deliver a premium service.

We know it’s important for those at different stages of their careers to work alongside others. That’s why we carefully consider the best working environment 

to support individual and team development. 

Our technology lets you move seamlessly between working in our offices, at home, or on client premises. Our people can use the desk booking app to easily reserve a working space in the office. 

To us, there’s nothing like connecting with colleagues and clients face-to-face. We love collaborating on new ideas and holding insightful discussions. However, you’ll find quiet, focused spaces too, as our offices are designed to facilitate both individual and team working.

We encourage our people to get involved in office-wide events so they feel genuinely engaged and like they belong. Our office based wellbeing ambassadors and employee voice champions enable us to listen, take action, and continually make RSM a better place to work. 


Our offices, like universities are places for people to come together to learn, grow and belong. Our spaces are equipped with imaginative designs, an open-plan layout, and advanced technology solutions so you can do your very best work and develop your skills. They’re refurbished on an ongoing basis so they’re always fresh and inspiring places to work. 

Many of our offices are positioned near train stations, encouraging greener travel as part of our wider commitment to sustainability. 

All our office refits since March 2022 have received
SKA gold accreditation, meaning they’ve been carried out using environmentally-sustainable best practices.  

Our people are spending less time in offices as we switch to a more hybrid working model. Nevertheless, our offices remain a crucial part of RSM's ecosystem, and we are committed to ensuring that they are as sustainable as they can be. The SKA Gold accreditation demonstrates this commitment. 
Kevin O'Connor
Corporate Responsibility Committee Chair and Environment Lead


​​​​​​​Our network of UK offices is looked after by our five regional managing partners. They’re responsible for promoting our inclusive, supportive culture at a regional level, and creating a welcoming space for our clients and colleagues to enjoy.