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We use our specialist advisors and risk management consultants to help our clients achieve their objectives – whether that’s driving sustainable change or staying compliant with international regulators. To continue doing this, we need exceptional minds from all over the world. 

As a collective team, we work with organisations of all shapes and sizes – from businesses with 30 people right through to multinational companies with over 6,000 people. Our clients span the public, not-for-profit and private sectors, and they sit on both sides of client and supply-side.

We use our experience and insight to get our clients closer to their ultimate objectives than they could alone. We’ll help them identify where issues lie, such as in their finance team, operational processes or technology, and put in place a targeted solution.

Each  year, we welcome new faces to our consultancy and risk management service teams –  from graduates and school leavers to senior management and sector experts. Our steady stream of new talent and robust professional development programme mean we’ll always have the solution to our clients’ ever-changing issues.

In our consultancy department, we have specialist consultants in areas such as:
  • economic consulting; ​​​​​​​
  • technology consulting;
  • management consulting; and
  • ESG

We also deliver insightful risk management consultancy, which helps our clients identify and manage the risks they face.  

We offer risk consultancy to business departments including:
  • internal audit;
  • financial services regulation, compliance and risk advisory; 
  • technology risk assurance;
  • fraud investigations, proactive and reactive; 
  • national technical risk;
  • risk and governance; and
  •  projects and commercial risk.

Our clients 
  • Microsoft 
  • Oracle NetSuite

What our consulting and risk employees are saying

Priyal Patel
I joined RSM in 2011 and it’s a great organisation to be part of. There’s a culture here that’s built on support, autonomy and growth. I really think it allows individuals to reach their full potential.
I work in a team that treats everyone as individuals. We’re given freedom to carry out our roles, allowing us to learn through experience. But we’re also supported at every level, which shows that there’s a great deal of trust and belief in what we do.
Sam Abbas
Senior Manager, Milton Keynes
I feel really lucky to work in such a fantastic team. Tthere is a real appreciation for how we allcan bring our own experiences and skills to the table. 
We work in a fast-paced environment, yet we still make time to support and understand  each other I can honestly say that I laugh every single day with my colleagues. It’s a joy to work through challenges together as a team and celebrate our successes.
Emma Sheridan
Associate Director, Glasgow 

Meet our Consulting and Risk leadership team

In technology risk assurance, we have a diverse team who are supportive and think about new, efficient and innovative ways to help our clients. 

Our people embrace client work and internal projects with equal enthusiasm. No two days are the same, as we deliver our IT assurance and specialist advisory services across such a broad range of sectors. 

We actively encourage everyone in the team to focus on self-development and wide-ranging technical continuous learning. Our core training platform makes it easy to access these resources, whether it’s for leadership development support or to attend a scheduled cyber security training sprint. 

Above all, we have a culture of care, trust, inclusion and respect. Every team member is valued and treated as an equal.
Sheila Pancholi
Partner, Technology Assurance

Meet our Leadership Team

Our 220-strong, diverse internal audit team is based across the UK. Using technology, we’ve built a supportive and development-focused culture across both our local offices and wider team. We work as one team and make sure everyone enjoys the work they do.  

Every year, we take on 40 graduates and school leavers and use a buddy system to introduce them to the firm. And for our established team members, we offer ongoing learning and development opportunities that set them up with new skills and competencies needed for promotions. 

Our internal audit work is inherently challenging and thought provoking, but we love how it helps our clients achieve their objectives. I think this is just one of the reasons why the internal audit team is a great place to work.
Mark Jones
Partner, Head of Internal Audit

Meet our consulting and risk leadership team

RSM is a great place to grow and shape your own career, at your own pace. I’ve also been given the flexibility to pursue goals outside of work, such as completing a Master’s degree while working and dedicating time to a range of other passion projects. The flexibility and support that we’re given allows everyone to pursue their life goals and advance their career, without having to choose between them.
Liz Wright

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