We cultivate a positive workplace environment where wellbeing is openly discussed.
We want everyone to feel confident in accessing workplace support, guidance and tools that help them understand and manage their own wellbeing at work. That way, everyone can bring their whole and best self to their job, no matter how tricky life gets.
Our wellbeing strategy takes a holistic and proactive approach to enable our people to stay physically, psychologically, socially, and financially fit.  
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Healthy Minds

We offer tools and support to help people maintain a positive mental state and cope with the challenges of day-to-day life, while reaching their full professional potential.
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Physical Wellbeing

​​​​​​​We encourage our people to get active and look at every aspect of staying physically well, including diet, fitness and sleep.
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Financial Wellbeing

We offer financially-focused tools, benefits and education to help our people effectively manage their current and future financial health.  
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Social Wellbeing

We’ve built a positive working culture, where people can connect with colleagues in an environment that supports individual and firm-wide success.
We work with our diversity and inclusion networks to understand and meet the specific needs of our different talent communities. We’re driving awareness and education through storytelling and training. This is helping us all understand how we can support each other on issues such as menopause and the mental health and wellness challenges faced by LGBT+ individuals and those from ethnically diverse backgrounds. 

Within our student training programme, we offer bespoke wellbeing workshops and resilience courses to support those at the beginning of their careers. 

We encourage and empower our people to get involved with our national wellbeing events. These include JanYOUary - a month-long campaign encouraging physical movement, psychological wellbeing and social connection. 
Additionally, we promote important awareness events, like World Mental Health Day, and Talk Money week.

At a local formal level, we host sports activities such as online yoga, regional sports days, local office-based football, netball or cricket teams. We also hold regular social events, like curry and quiz night or pizza and darts, which are organised by our local social committees. 

Our people play a significant part in shaping our wellbeing actions. We rely on our wellbeing ambassadors, networks, employee voice champions, regular employee surveys, and direct feedback to the national wellbeing team to help us shape the future.