Professional Qualifications

We have a dedicated team of experts who offer you guidance, reassurance and support as you work towards gaining your professional qualifications.
Many of our people study for professional qualifications while they work, and we know it can be a challenging time. We also have many different pathways to full qualifications, tailored to your background, education and experience. 

The exact pathway you follow will depend on: 
  • your choice of service line; 
  • whether you are a school leaver or a graduate; and
  • your location. 

Programmes also vary in length, with the average school leaver taking five years 

to qualify and the average graduate around three years. 

We can also support you with a number of qualifications, including those offered by ACA, ICAS, CAI, ATT, CTA, CPI, and AAT. 

Our professional qualifications team will help you with everything to do with your professional goals from booking exams to studying, so you can secure the right qualifications for your future. 

Our promise to you

We’ll support you throughout your studies. Whether you’re completing an apprenticeship or post-graduate studies, we’ll make sure you gain the knowledge, skills and experience you need to excel in your role and develop your professional goals. Study leave allows you to go to college or attend online classes.  

In addition to your professional studies, there is extensive support offered to help you develop professional growth. Everyone is enrolled in our Evolve programme – a CIPD-accredited development programme that focuses on areas such as mental wellbeing, professionalism, time management, coaching and more.

We also put people into small discussion groups, where you can build relationships with others in your cohort.
In the professional qualifications team, we know what it’s like to study for accreditations and qualifications. We have a wealth of experience and are there to help and answer questions. 
You will also be assigned an exam training co-ordinator. They’ll make sure you’re booked on the right courses and help monitor performance, and provide support where needed.

Helen Bloodworth
Senior Manager, Professional Qualifications