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Our UK outsourcing  service teams  play a key role in what is one of our fastest growing specialisms. Their work   lines within the UK firm, generating annuity clients for our global outsourcing team  is transforming the way we build relationships across our business. 

To support our growth, we’re always looking for people to join our outsourcing teams in the UK and across the globe.  We’ll welcome you into a team of brilliant business advisors and support you as your career progresses, no matter where your work and ambitions take you.

We deliver a wide range of outsourced services for our UK-based and international clients, often working closely with project managers from our RSM 

Global member firms. We offer bookkeeping and management using our onshore shared services model. We also prepare statutory accounts and indirect tax returns for clients that operate internationally.

​​​​​​​Our skilled outsourcing consultants use technology to generate sector-specific analytics and make our processes more efficient. We aim to add value to our clients by sharing genuinely useful insights wherever we can and working together as a transparent, collaborative partner.

You can find out more about our outsourced business services and the kind of work you could get involved with on our homepage.

What our Outsourcing employees are saying

Since the start of my apprenticeship at RSM I feel like I have developed greatly, both personally and professionally. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in various elements of client work and different internal teams, which has allowed me to connect with people across RSM. My team have been very supportive of both my work and studies and my work aligns with my course, so I’m getting to apply what I’m being taught at college every day. I’m in a supportive team who are willing to answer my questions and help me whenever I need assistance, which I am hugely grateful for!
Hezron Oppong Mensah
Assistant, London
During my time at RSM, I have been given greater responsibility and my workload has scaled up, allowing me to grow both my skills and confidence. There’s a supportive management team and regular opportunities to discuss career opportunities, so I’m really looking forward to progressing in my career with RSM.
Zoe Brown
Senior, Newcastle
RSM’s UK outsourcing team aligns with both my personal values and my career aspirations. Delivering excellent service to our clients and building strong working relationships are the foundations of our outsourcing service. They’re important to me and contribute in a big way towards our improvement goals. We’re aiming to make our processes and technology more efficient so we can establish ourselves as the leading outsourcing service provider in our industry.

Within the team, there’s a strong focus on diversity, inclusion and personal development. This allows people to grow the business while accessing opportunities for personal development and realising their professional goals. All the building blocks are in place to help you shape and move forward with your career and there are a lot of support to help you do this.
​​​​​​​Corrie Van Der Merwe
Associate Director, Milton Keynes

Meet our Leadership Team

I lead the firm’s UK outsourcing practice. We step into the shoes of our clients’ finance teams, just as if we were an integrated part of their organisation, to help them to meet their accounting and compliance needs. And we do this across a range of industries, including real estate, recruitment, technology, fast-food franchises, and for US businesses that are expanding into the UK. 

As we’re in the thick of it with our clients, we get real insight into their challenges. If needed, we can bring in our colleagues from across RSM to help in other areas.

What I enjoy about my role is our focus is on a wide range of clients from multi-national to mid-market clients. My area of expertise is particularly on the former, having worked in Europe, Bangalore in India, the United States and Australia, where I was seconded to develop a tax processing centre. 

If you’re interested in developing new ways of working, like using robots or more technology, RSM is a great place to work. We often find ourselves in the middle of some large client transformation projects where all this comes into play.
Ian Sadler
Head of Outsourcing

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