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Vacancy title
Research & Development Incentives - Software Specialist Assistant
Closing date
August 2019

About the role

This is an exciting opportunity to work directly with IT specialists in many different businesses who are at the forefront of their technology, whilst also experiencing a role in a global professional services firm.

We are looking for a computer science specialist to work with our existing Innovation Reliefs team to help our clients claim Research & Development (R&D) incentives.  These are government reliefs/credits for companies carrying out R&D which meets certain specified criteria. The existing team is very experienced in these tax reliefs, but would benefit from more specialist input for claims in software/IT. The ideal candidate will have an in-depth understanding of computer science and software development; strong communication skills to help in talking to clients; and clear and concise writing skills to help with describing these projects in writing.

About the company and department

RSM is the 6th largest global audit, tax and business consulting firm with over 800 offices worldwide. The Innovation Reliefs team at RSM helps companies to claim several tax reliefs, the main one being R&D incentives.  These incentives offer companies generous cash benefits where they have spent money on certain types of R&D. The RSM Innovation Reliefs team in the North West of England consists of over 8 people spread across our 5 offices in Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Preston and Stoke and has over 150 clients. This includes individuals with relevant scientific/technological backgrounds including Chemistry and Physics.

About the job

You would work with the existing Innovation Reliefs team to assist clients to claim R&D incentives where they have carried out R&D in software and IT systems. You would be trained by the team on the qualifying criteria for these tax reliefs and how we discuss these with companies. You would then speak to the clients‘ IT teams (usually CTO or lead developers) to explain these criteria and guide them to understand where their qualifying R&D activities lie. This includes questioning them on their development and often challenging the boundaries for where R&D starts and ends. All of our work is carried out in teams, so at all times you would be supported by the wider team and would not be expected to attend, or run, meetings alone.

You would write technical descriptions of the clients‘ projects (usually 1-3 pages) to include in reports to be sent to HMRC, and also edit client drafted technical descriptions, highlighting areas for improvement and suggested changes.

You would support the team across the North West which would include travelling between offices and visiting clients wherever they may be located.  Occasionally our work is also for clients outside of the North West (eg Scotland, Leeds, London).

Our ideal candidate would have an educational and/or work experience background in computer science or software development. You would be keen to take on a role in an accountancy firm which is outside of your usual experience but be able to apply your IT knowledge to this role. You are a quick learner who would be willing to actively participate in client meetings and encourage the client to discuss their projects – at times challenging them as to where the boundaries for R&D lie.  We would assist you with this, but the more you can talk about the technical details of projects directly with the client, the more valuable your input will be.

You will have strong writing skills to then describe the projects clearly and concisely. We will provide training on how best to write these descriptions, and all reports are internally reviewed throughout the drafting process, but it is essential that you have strong underlying writing skills.

You will be a team player who can work with a number of different managers, senior managers and directors across the North West.


Entry requirements

At RSM, we don't just look for good exam results. We think passion, personality and originality are just as important.

You will need:

  • 112 UCAS (new tariff) across 3 A Levels or 104 (new tariff) across 4 Highers/Advanced Highers.
  • A predicted/obtained honours degree in a Computer Science (or similar) degree.

UCAS changed their points system so under the old tariff it would be 280 or 260 points respectively.


Working towards a Computer Science (or similar) degree or post-graduate qualification

Good verbal communication skills

Clear and concise writing style

Professional approach

Ability to manage different workstreams concurrently, reporting into different managers

Ability/willingness to travel around the North West and potentially wider


Some industry work experience in software/IT

Why RSM?

As one of the world’s largest networks of audit, tax and consulting firms, we’ll help you reach your full potential. You’ll work on an impressive client list – from multinational and growth-focused entrepreneurs to fashion icons. The variety of projects will challenge you every day, helping you expand your capabilities and grow professionally. And with access to a global team that spans more than 120 countries, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to broaden your horizons. Discover a culture that nurtures individuality and celebrates fresh thinking. It's your career. Own it at RSM.


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